Must-try foods in Peru

Aside from its picturesque and diverse landscapes, Peru has been a popular destination in South America because of its food. Its unique immigration history has created an incredible fusion of flavors from China, Europe, Japan, Africa and Middle East which made the country a perfect foodie destination. With Peru’s wide array of cuisines, exploring can be daunting and endless. You might not be able to sample each and everything out but this list might help you out. Here are 26 must-try foods and drinks in Peru. Ceviche This can probably be Peru’s national dish. You will find ceviche in every restaurant’s menu all around Peru.Read More →

Arequipa things to do

Many people say that the moment you step into Arequipa, you wouldn’t want to leave anymore. I had the exact same feeling the moment I arrived in this city. With Arequipa’s rich culture, outstanding gastronomic delights, prestigious colonial buildings and picturesque landscapes, it wouldn’t take long before this city will capture your heart just as it did to mine. I was able to spend only two days in Arequipa so I tried my best to make the most out of it. Here are the 17 things you should not miss out when you plan to step foot into this white city in the south. TopRead More →