Tips on choosing a place to stay in Sao Paulo

There is no worry when it comes to choosing a place to stay because, believe me, you will find plenty of that in Sao Paulo. From high class to medium class to budget hotels, name it! Sao Paulo has it for you. But of course, choosing a place to stay isn’t that easy. You need to remember that that will be your home for the meantime so think carefully and weigh the pros and cons. It’s always nice to feel just like home when you are abroad.

Below I listed the things which must be considered in a particular order:

1. Location

There are certain areas in Sao Paulo which are not very safe especially if you are planning to stay late wandering and partying all night.

So how do you know that the area is safe? First, you should read the recent reviews and look at the ratings from previous guests. This would at least give you some idea about the place, however, there is still a 50% chance that you will end up not liking the place when you see it in person because different people have different perspectives and opinions so what might be acceptable and fine for them might not apply to you. So the second and last thing I would recommend is to get some help from google street view. You can wander around the nearby streets and judge it yourself. Well, that helped me a lot. I had to cancel my first reservation because I saw how shabby the streets are surrounding the place and the neighboring buildings were defaced and that did not make me comfortable at all.

It is also important to note the accessibility of the area you are choosing. It is a plus if you can stay somewhere near the metro stations.

2. Languages spoken of hotel staff

There are some accommodations who do not have receptionists who speak English very well or, worst case, doesn’t speak the language at all. Is that even possible? Yes, it is very possible especially in Sao Paulo. 8 out of ten people we met there, that’s excluding of course the receptionists from our accommodation, do not speak English at all. It really pays to have some people you can talk to ask for advices, directions, guides etc. because when you are there outside already, you would have hard time finding one.

3. Price

Most people nowadays want to travel but are really on a tight budget. You do not have to worry because there are plenty of budget hotels and hostels you will find in Sao Paulo. Make sure, of course, that the place is really worth the price you paid for (Breakfast and wifi should be included!).


Finally, after doing my research, I chose to stay at The Hostel Paulista. It was a perfect choice for me. The location is very good, receptionists are friendly and speaks English and, last but not the least, the price is worth it. It is the kind of accommodation which will make you feel just like home.


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