Squeezy Hot Pot Suriname

Around 7% of Surinamese population are comprised of Chinese so it is not a surprised to find a lot of Chinese restaurants in the surrounding areas of the city. They serve different kinds of Chinese cuisines but when you say hot pot, one name comes up from all the locals here and that is Squeezy Hot Pot Restaurant.

Squeezy Hot Pot Suriname is a local Chinese restaurant located in Pluto straat #118
4 Paramaribo .
 For the broth, you can choose between a plain bouillon or spicy bouillon or a combination of both.If you love extreme spiciness then I suggest you order the spicy bouillon. They also offer a wide range of ingredients to choose from and everything is really fresh and clean. Even their utensils and dishes comes in a sterilized plastic wrapping which makes customers feel that everything is brand new.

We spent only a total of $14 for the whole meal so it is really affordable. I highly recommend this for families and groups.

FYI: The staff here do not speak in English but you don’t need to worry because they have a menu translated in English.

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