POEA Davao process for name hire

First of all let me explain the meaning of Name Hire. Name Hire or Direct Hire is the term used for those individuals who are able to secure an overseas employment without the need of a recruitment agency. They may be referred to by their colleagues or they have applied directly to the company.

In order to exit the country, you need to pass through POEA to properly validate your employment offer. They have to check if the company is under their blacklist and ensure that you are given the proper salary and benefits according to Philippine Law.


Before going to POEA, you need to make sure that you have the complete requirements in order to prevent delays in processing.

1. Passport (bring at least three photocopies)
2. Visa
3. Letter of guarantee if destination country does not require a visa (original or scan copy is accepted)
4. Labor Contract (original or scan copy is accepted)
5. 2×2 or passport size photo

Make sure to arrive early at POEA. Their office is located at 2nd floor Amya Building 3, Tulip Drive, Ecoland, Davao City.

First, you need to approach the guard by the door and show him your documents (listed above). He will check if you have the complete documents and will give you a priority number and the information sheet you need to fill out.

Second, when your number is called you need to submit your documents together with the information sheet to table no. 2. After checking your documents, your application will be forwarded to table no. 3 for validation. Again, you have to wait for you name to be called.

Third, when called you will be given a direct hire form (here you indicate if scan copy only of contract was provided), confirmation sheet to be signed by employer and medical referral sheet. You will be directed to the entrance to see the list of accredited clinics. You can ask the guard where it is posted. After filling up the forms, return it to table 3 again. She will instruct you to get another copy of information sheet to be filled up and returned to her by afternoon.

Fourth, return to POEA by the time instructed. When called, submit the information sheet to table 3. You will be given a list of requirements to be submitted such as medical certificate, PDOS certificate, sworn statement, confirmation sheet with signature of employer and stamp and TOR or employment certificate. For the sworn statement you can proceed to third floor and look for Atty Catharine Sespeńe. You need to have a copy of your labor contract for her reference.

Fifth, go to table no. 5 for your PDOS schedule. You will need a photocopy of your passport and picture (2×2 or passport size). You will be given a summary of fees you need to pay (poea, owwa, pag-ibig and phic fees) and a slip containing the address of OWWA where PDOS is conducted.

Sixth, you need to go to the clinic you chose and undergo a series of examination. You have to bring a photocopy of your passport and the medical referral sheet. You will be issued a medical certificate once you have completed the examination process consists of x-ray, dental check up, fbs (fasting blood sample), urine and stool examination, psychological test and physical examination.

Seventh, once you have completed the requirements mentioned in step 4 above you can now go back to POEA and submit your documents to table 3 and wait for your name to be called.

Eighth, after verification you can now proceed to table 3, 4, 5 & 6 for poea, owwa, pag-ibig and philhealth fee, respectively.

Ninth, go back to table no. 3. She will now issue you the OEC (Overseas Exit Clearance). You will be asked to photocopy the receipts, oec, medical certificate, pdos certificate and confirmation letter. The original copies will be given back to you.

Congratulations! you are now ready to work abroad!


  1. Hello Miss,

    Just one concern po, I’ve heard need daw nb autheticated contract for name hires. Hjnanapan po ba kayo? Thank you.

    1. Hi April. Yes, yun ang hinihingi talaga nila but during that time wala kasi yung original contract ko kasi pinacourier pa ng employer. Tinanggap nmn nila. Hindi nmn mahirap pakiusapan.

  2. Hello po.. Ano po yung mga accredited clinics/hospital for the medical?

    1. Hi billyboie08, hindi ko na kabisado yung names eh. The list of the accredited clinics is provided by the POEA agency. Nakadikit lng yun sa wall nila. We were not given a copy of it. Yung sakin Hyatt Diagnostic System ang pinili ko located in Jaltan, Claveria St.

  3. Naku Ms Melchor. Baka di lang kayo nagkaintindihan. Make it clear po sa kanila na direkta po kayong nag-apply doon. Mahirap yan pag agency pa kasi laki ng bayad. If you don’t mind po, pano ba kayo ng-apply sa company?

  4. Mam bakit ung sa akin kailangan pa kami mag agency e direct hire kami. Kumpleto naman kami sa requirements may visa,midecal, passport at contract naman kami. 2 days na kami nag process pero kailangan daw naka agency kami.

    1. Hi Ms. Melchor, if direkta po kayong nag-apply doon sa company na naghihire sa inyo na walang tulong ng agency considered po kayo na direct hire so wala na po need dapat na dumaan sa agency. Ano po ba sinabi ng POEA bakit daw kailangan dumaan ng agency? May new policy naba?

      1. d ko alam mam kung may bago nang policy. Direct naman kaming nag apply sa company ‘d . Kung mag agency kami wala na kming ma ipapadala sa mga pamilya namin sa maliit na sweldo. D ko nga ma intindihan kung bakit ganito. Gumastos na kami pabalik2 sa poea, nakakalungkot talaga. Sana matulong nyo kami.

      2. d ko alam mam kung may bago nang policy. Direct naman kaming nag apply sa company ‘d . Kung mag agency kami wala na kming ma ipapadala sa mga pamilya namin sa maliit na sweldo. D ko nga ma intindihan kung bakit ganito. Gumastos na kami pabalik2 sa poea, nakakalungkot talaga. Sana matulong nyo kami.

  5. Hello, ilang araw po kayo nagprocess bago po narelease OEC nyo?

    1. Hi Ainess, mga limang araw din aq ng process. 1 day para sa Pgvalidate ng contract and visa sa POEA, 1 day sa PDOS, 2 days sa medical and 1 day sa pgsubmit ng final requirements sa POEA(PDOS cert, medical cert etc.). Pag submit ko ng requirements, nakuha ko na agad yung OEC. You need to be really early para madali lang matapos lahat. If you include the waiting time, 8 days lahat kasi it will take 3 days before you can get the medical certificate.

      1. Hello.. everyday po ba ang schedule sa pdos sa davao?

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