Maragusan Vacation

My family and I occasionally visit Maragusan especially during Christmas. My widowed grandmother (father’s mom) leaves there together with some of her children and grandchildren. Maragusan is a very wonderful escape from the noise and pollution of cities. So if you want to relax and breathe fresh air, I would definitely recommend this place for your vacation. Maragusan is a perfectly safe place to travel so there is no need to worry.


•Maragusan is a 1st class municipality in the province of Compostela Valley, Philippines.

•The unexplored, pristine Mt. Tagub-Mt. Manurigao-Mt Kandalaga Range are sites of national, regional, and local annual mountain climbs and nature watching during the Holy Week and the month of October. The 7,880-ft. high Mt. Kandalaga, the highest in the province and the third highest in Mindanao, is home to rare flora and fauna including the rafflesia magnifica, the world’s largest flower. It is ideal for mountaineering and was the site of the 2000 National Mountaineering Congress. (SOURCE: Some travelers who have been to Baguio before can really compare Maragusan’s temperature to the former. Though I have not been to Baguio before, I’d say Maragusan has a cool climate and it even fogs during night.

•The warmest month of the year is April, with an average temperature of 24.0 degrees Celsius. In January, the average temperature is 22.7 degrees Celsius. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year. (SOURCE:

PLACES TO VISIT: If you do not have any idea yet about Maragusan’s tourism sites, here are a few places you can visit.

1. Aguakan Cold Spring Resort image

The above picture was taken during our 2011 Christmas visit. This is the entrance view of the resort. You will not have difficulty looking for this place since it’s just alongside the road within the town proper.  If you are thinking of an overnight at the resort, they offer rooms and they have function halls too. Of course, free WiFi can be availed also during your stay. For more details you can view it here (


In order to completely optimize your visit, a dip to the cold spring would be very refreshing.

2. Haven’s Peak image

Haven’s peak is ensconced at the top of Maragusan Hill. It offers breathtaking view of the town proper and beautiful landscapes.


Before reaching the resort’s lobby, you will walk the 208 steps staircase.


Upon reaching the top, you can finally see the beauty of the whole town of Maragusan. You can either dine at their restaurant, take a dip at their swimming pool or have a karaoke.


They also have rooms if you want to stay overnight at their resort. For booking details you can visit their website (

3. Tagbibinta Falls image

Tagbibinta falls is located in Barangay Coronobe which is 5 kms away from the town proper. This place is perfect for those who desire adventures like trekking since it offers a series of 7 falls measuring 700 feet high.


Thousands of tourists visit the place to experience its majestic falls.


The water is very clean and refreshing and the place is so natural. The place is perfect for unwinding and meditation. However, the place does not offer any overnight accommodation. Only cottages are available.

4. Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort


Due to the cool temperature of Maragusan, many tourist look for a warm dip. Kanlawig Resort is definitely the perfect place to visit. It is located just 2 kms away from the town proper. This place is the perfect contrast of Maragusan’s temperature. However, it’s just really crowded especially during nighttime so in order to avail yourselves of a good cottage near the pool with good lighting you have to come early.

HOW TO GET THERE: If you will be coming from Davao, there are vans bound for Maragusan located within Gaisano Mall compound. The earliest trip is 8 am and the last trip is 4 pm. The road to Maragusan is quite steep and bumpy. The travel time will last for almost 4 hours but I’d say it’s really worth it once you’ll get there.

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