I started drafting the itinerary 2 months before the trip.  I had mixed emotions while doing the preparations. I felt excited by looking at over hundreds of photos and reading dozens of articles and I also made myself scared and dubious by reading about the place’s crime and safety. This was my first international trip that was purely leisure so  I just wanted everything to be perfect. So what made me choose Sao Paulo. Well, aside that we do not need visa to travel here, Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and in South America with over 11 million of inhabitants. It isRead More →

  We flew from Suriname and had a stop over at Belem. It started to be little bit rough once we arrived at the latter because most people do not speak English at all. We went to order food for our breakfast at the airport but they do not understand a single word we are speaking so we had to really do a lot of hand signals/gestures to make them understand what we were trying to say but thankfully we were still able to get the right meal we ordered. We thought that the misery would end there but then while waiting at the boarding areaRead More →