First of all let me explain the meaning of Name Hire. Name Hire or Direct Hire is the term used for those individuals who are able to secure an overseas employment without the need of a recruitment agency. They may be referred to by their colleagues or they have applied directly to the company. In order to exit the country, you need to pass through POEA to properly validate your employment offer. They have to check if the company is under their blacklist and ensure that you are given the proper salary and benefits according to Philippine Law. DOCUMENTS TO PREPARE: Before going to POEA,Read More →

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that there is some kind of hidden force that determines the path that we should take? That from the moment we’re born our fates have been sealed already? If you think about it this way, then life would be too damn easy. We just wait what transpires and allow everything to flow smoothly like how it’s meant to be. This is just like saying, we should settle by what has been laid upon us since this is how destiny works for and there is nothing we can do about this anymore. Ergo, there is no choice forRead More →