About Dawn

Hi! My name is Florence Dawn and I am from Philippines. As a child, I was a daydreamer and this question was always in my mind, “What is there beyond this ocean?”. My thoughts continue to wander until finally, last 2015 I packed up my things and flew all the way to the Caribbean and started writing this blog.

Why I left home?

Meeting new friends and spending holidays with them at the resort

I had a comfortable life and I have very supported parents. Some people are actually confused why I left the home. Well, it was just because everything was so comfortable and I’ve become so dependent. When I need something, I have people around me who will help me right away. I thought I needed to do something that would shake my life out.  The decision I had to make wasn’t that easy. I had to leave my family behind and my comfort zone. Of course I had fears. Who wouldn’t be afraid traveling 11200 miles away for the first time in my whole life. I experienced culture shock, anxiety and home sickness altogether that I wanted to fly back home immediately. But thank God I didn’t. I’ve met so many people that changed how I perceived life and I’ve learned so many things that help me mold who I am now. I am still experiencing a lot of challenges and downturns but I find happiness in it because it just means my life is moving and I am getting somewhere. I am not imprisoned inside a box anymore. So guys, try to go out and make that big leap and say yes to adventure and you’ll see how great your life can be.

How do I manage and afford to travel?

Food Tour at Sao Paulo

Some of my friends ask me how I was able to survive living so far away from home, how did I manage to adapt to a different culture and if I am earning a lot to fund my travels. Well, I am actually a very negative person but I tried to shove all of my negative thoughts away. I wanna say yes to adventure, to going out of my comfort zone, to discovering and to conquering my fears. It helped me survive and make all of this happen. You also do not have to be rich to travel. I am working as a Finance Manager in Suriname. Aside from the salary I am earning, I am also trading forex, CFDs, mutual funds and stocks. There are also plenty of freelance jobs you can take to help fund your travels.


It was really a big leap and was a hard decision to make but I’d say everything was worth it. I hope this blog will help inspire you to start your own journey. There are really a lot of things out there so pack up your things and let us go to the corners of the world!


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