Laguna 69 hike


With its lush green valleys and snow-peaked mountains, Peru is definitely one of the most sought-out destination for hiking. One of the most popular and iconic hikes is the Laguna 69 near the city of Huaraz. I ran into some photos of the lake while searching for Peru’s top attractions and I was really mesmerized by its beauty so off I went to hike the mountains of Peru just to get a glimpse of this glacial lake. Laguna 69 (English: Lake 69) is a turquoise lake in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca sitting at 4600 meters above sea level. It makes some people wonder but its name has noRead More →

What I hate most about every trip are the long layovers. I had a 6-hour stop in Aruba on my way to Peru. Being a Philippine passport holder, I am required to apply for visa before arrival. However, since the trip was so sudden, I wasn’t able to do that at all. I landed in Aruba prepared to endure 6 hours of waiting until the unexpected happened. I was able to tour around the island, no need of visa! I got out from the airport and took a private driver who showed me around for the price of $45 per hour (standard rate). During theRead More →

Suriname is one of the least-traveled countries in South America but there are so much things to explore inside this small, tropical country especially its untouched natural wonders. I have stayed for almost three years already here but I’d say I haven’t learned everything yet about this greenest country on Earth. Suriname is ranked No. 1 by as the world’s most tree-filled country with 95% covered in forest. Last 2015, I purposely flew all the way here for work and didn’t really bother to do much of an exploring until recently when we decided to tag along with some Surinamese friends to the forest, whichRead More →

Sao Paulo Travel Guide

Whether you are a fan of architecture or art, parties or early morning coffee breaks, skyscrapers or historical sceneries, Sao Paulo has it all for you. This city, located in the southeastern part of Brazil, is considered as the financial capital, most populous and most multicultural city, not just in Brazil, but in the entire South America continent.  Why multicultural? Since the 19th century, a huge number of immigrants with Italian, Portuguese, African, Arab, Greek, Bolivian, Chinese and Japanese descents migrated in the city. This multiculturalism is evident in the city’s gastronomy, religion, beliefs and practices. Getting in the city The city has two airportsRead More →

Are you foodie like me? Then you should add down in your bucket list a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The huge number of immigrants during the 19th century has greatly influenced the diversity of Sao Paulo’s cuisine and that’s exactly why this place is a perfect destination for food lovers. Most of my outings in the city revolved around street foods, bars and restaurants. With a city as huge as Sao Paulo with over 20 million residents, exploring can be fun, exciting and endless. In this blog, I will walk you through my eating experience in the city.   Rascal After a very exhausting walkathonRead More →

Around 7% of Surinamese population are comprised of Chinese so it is not a surprised to find a lot of Chinese restaurants in the surrounding areas of the city. They serve different kinds of Chinese cuisines but when you say hot pot, one name comes up from all the locals here and that is Squeezy Hot Pot Restaurant. Squeezy Hot Pot Suriname is a local Chinese restaurant located in Pluto straat #118 4 Paramaribo . For the broth, you can choose between a plain bouillon or spicy bouillon or a combination of both.If you love extreme spiciness then I suggest you order the spicy bouillon. TheyRead More →

Sao Paulo trip wouldn’t be complete if you don’t get to taste its local delicacies and the fun way of doing that would be joining the FREE FOOD TOUR. Yes, you heard me right, the food and beverages are given for free plus they will tell you a little bit of history/background about it. Tours run for two hours from 2:00 – 4:00 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except holidays and to join, you just have to show up at the meeting place (see map below) before 2 pm. You will find the guides wearing yellow shirt with a print Free Food Tour. WhatRead More →

There is no worry when it comes to choosing a place to stay because, believe me, you will find plenty of that in Sao Paulo. From high class to medium class to budget hotels, name it! Sao Paulo has it for you. But of course, choosing a place to stay isn’t that easy. You need to remember that that will be your home for the meantime so think carefully and weigh the pros and cons. It’s always nice to feel just like home when you are abroad. Below I listed the things which must be considered in a particular order: 1. Location There are certainRead More →

I started drafting the itinerary 2 months before the trip.  I had mixed emotions while doing the preparations. I felt excited by looking at over hundreds of photos and reading dozens of articles and I also made myself scared and dubious by reading about the place’s crime and safety. This was my first international trip that was purely leisure so  I just wanted everything to be perfect. So what made me choose Sao Paulo. Well, aside that we do not need visa to travel here, Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and in South America with over 11 million of inhabitants. It isRead More →

  We flew from Suriname and had a stop over at Belem. It started to be little bit rough once we arrived at the latter because most people do not speak English at all. We went to order food for our breakfast at the airport but they do not understand a single word we are speaking so we had to really do a lot of hand signals/gestures to make them understand what we were trying to say but thankfully we were still able to get the right meal we ordered. We thought that the misery would end there but then while waiting at the boarding areaRead More →